what do you feel like listening to?

these are the vocal octet's main programs:

Bach Beatles - A combination between two worlds, Johann Sebastian Bach and The Beatles

Nugin From The Heart - a show based on Israeli songs and Jewish music

Vocal With Animation - The best of The Vocal Octets repertoire accompanied with some of the best animation clips in the world that premiered in the Israel animation festival "Animix" at Tel-Aviv Cinematheque

Misa Criolla - Ariel Ramirez's beloved mass, South American music at its best with a group of musicians playing authentic music instruments

Vocal Beatles - A show composed entirely from songs by The Beatles

Vocal Between the classical - classical pieces in A-cappella from the composing of Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Ravel, Khachaturian and more

Vocal And Alon - A program with Alon Olearchik and his band, with his songs in A-cappella and with instruments

The Wine Of The Swing - The Jazz music's wonderful harmonies and popping beats in A-cappella

Vocal Hits - From the Vocal Octets repertoire from all times and in all styles