ronit katz

One of the founders of the group and today acts also as the group's manager, she has three children that continue the musical tradition. Ronit has an M.A. in music education and is the head of the music major at katzanelson high school in Kfar-Saba. Ronit also runs the music department at Kfar-Saba's conservatory. Ronit is the musical manager and conductor of many youth and adult choirs and in the past used to engage in translating, casting, directing and dubbing of cartoon movies.

Tomer Levy

doron dar

Doron Was Born in 1988 in Kokhav Ya'ir. He started his musical career at 11 years old when he sang in the towns group "Kol Hakokhav" and went on to study at Katzanelson high school's music department in Kfar-Saba where he graduated in 2006. Doron sang in many a-capella groups such as Pacapella and Quinta and a Half, with them attended varies radio and television shows such as A Star Is Born, Danny Hollywood and more. Today, besides singing in the octet he is also a member of Singleton Acapella from Haifa. Doron is soon to finish B.A. studies in graphic design. Doron also works at the pianist Dr. Astrith Baltsans Music Cathedra.

ron gang

Ron is a member in the Vocal Octet since 1985 and served as its director from 2004 to 2016. Ron has a B.A. in music education from Levinsky college of education and studied for M.A. in musicology at Bar Ilan University. Ron arranges, composes and produces the Vocal Octets CD's, and writes texts and arrengements for the octet. He wrote the acapella arrangement for Leroy Andersons "typewriter" for the octet. Ron was the owner of three music schools in the Sharon district and Gush Dan district, founded the the Israeli Acapella Center at Hod Hasharon and the vocal music festival in Ein Hod - Artist's village. Ron is the founder of many Israeli acapella groups such as Men on the Bar, Makeupella, Singleton acapella, Vocalocity - an ensemble of 40 singers run by Kevin Fox of the Swingle Singers and more. To add to all of the above  Ron is also the CEO of Mila-IL - the Israeli center for choirs and singing groups.

orly mazor-yuval

Orly graduated from the Jerusalem academy of music and dance in the piano major and graduated with the first class of Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Orly sings in the camerata choir next to the Jerusalem academy of music and dance conducted by Prof. Stanley Sperber and was a part of the first a-capella ensemble of Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music maneged by Gil Dor that preformed around the country and in the United States. Orly served as director of the concert department at the Musical Youth association. Orly is a member of the Vocal Octet since 1995. She lives in Tel-Aviv, works in translations and editing, teaches piano and music theory and writes arrangements for the octet.

Yasmin Gamliel

Graduated from Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music and has been one of the voice development teachers since 1996. In 2015 she became head of the vocal department at Rimon. Yasmin studied voice development with Rachel Hochman, Mira Zakai and Esther Admon. Yasmin was one of the Israeli Mango trio and served in the IDF as a soloist in Lehakat Pikud Tzafon. Yasmin was also part of many musical productions such as A night of Shimrit Orr songs, Yair Rosenblum, the Abu Ghosh music festival and more. Today Yasmin also sing in the Waterloo ensemble (a tribute band for ABBA songs). Yasmin is part of a family of musicians, her mother is a Juilliard graduate and piano teacher, and her father, the late Eliyahu Gamliel, was a flautist, music writer (Eretz Zavat Chalav U'dvash) and Israeli folk dancing Guide.

michal senesh-alkan

Michal is a graduate of Wizo high school for arts & design in Haifa and served in the IDF as an outstanding musician. Michal has a B.A. from the Jerusalem academy of music and dance and holds a teaching certificate from the faculty of music education at Levinsky college of education. Michal studied voice development with Mrs. Robin Weisel Capsuto and Mrs. Pnina schwartz. Michal is also a soloist singer in varies ensembles such as Musica nova, Carmel acapella, Gitit choir conducted by Ron Zarchi and sang in the international uruguay choir 1994, the english consort of music and more. Michal is a music teacher at music majors in high schools and kindergartens and teaches voice development.

Ronit Katz, Mical Senesh-Alkan - Soprano | Yasmin Gamliel, Orly Mazor-Yuval - Alto Erez Tal, Ron Gang - Tenor | Doron Dar, Tomer Levy - Bass

Manager: Ronit Katz | Musical Manager: Erez Tal | Founder: Refael Seelig

The sopranos
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About the group

The VOCAL OCTET is the pioneer of modern A-capella singing in Israel. The group - four men and four women (two for each voice: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) - sings a colorful and exciting repertoire, composed mostly from arrangements written by members of the group and spans over many styles - Classical music, Jazz, Soul, Folk songs, Religious music, Rock, Pop, Blues, Salsa, Samba and more. some of the pieces have a humoristic text written in Hebrew especially for them.

The group worked with many composers such as Sasha Argov and Yoni Rechter and writers such as Ehud Manor and Eli Mohar, and performed with The Israel Philharmonic, Israel Camerata Orchestra and Symphonet Ra'anana. In recent years the octet participated in "Etnachta" radio show, the TV show "Intermezzo with Arie Vardi", Astrith Baltsan's concert series, Gil Shohat's concert series and in the Israel Festival. The Vocal Octet sang the choir role in many of the Hebrew dubbings for Disney and Dreamworks films. The octet also performed across the country with the European salsa ensemble "Nueva Manteca" singing the Musical piece "Requiem Para el Mundo" written by the late Jan Tschichold. The octet also performed in the Israeli animation festival "Animix" at Tel-Aviv cinematheque and has done a joint performence with Alon Olearchik. The Vocal Octet often performs all across the country and abroad. These days the octet is working on producing an album of song by the Beatles and for the show "Nigun from the heart". A-capella singing is a world of harmony, emotion, humor, and challenges, and therefore no wonder that the magic took and still takes up masses of enthusiastic listeners.

erez tal

The vocal octet's musical manager. Erez was born to a musical family and music runs through his veins. In the year of 2000 he began his B.A. studies for conducting at Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel-Aviv. At the end of his studies he started to sing in many choirs including the Israeli Opra Choir, The Gary Bertini Israeli Choir, The New Israeli Vocal Ensemble, Tel-Aviv Collegium Singers and Adi choir, and reinforced many more choirs. As an arranger and a conductor he worked with many Israeli orchestras - The Israel Camerata Orchestra, Symphonet Ra'anana, The Israel Sinfonietta Be'er Sheva, The Symphony Orchestra Ramat Hasharon and more. Erez is also Vocalocity's conductor since its founding in 2013. Erez is also the founder and conductor of Israeli a-capella groups such as B4, 2for6, Kalkapela and Tel-Avivs makela kala.